Speaking of Dystopian Nightmares…

While enjoying a beer with a couple of other pastors, our discussion turned to the importance of recognizing that the world we live in won’t be the same in half a century. Civilizations have always risen and fallen, but none last forever. It doesn’t take much effort to imagine an event, such as a virus outbreak, that wipes out enough of the work force to place food supply chains in jeopardy and results in an apocalyptic-style free for all. I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but the next day, I read about coronavirus…. Yikes!But don’t believe every prediction you hear. Apparently its become popular to make worldwide forecasts of destruction mis-using a video game engine.
But Which is the Greater Plague?
In preparing for a talk I gave a week ago, I had to dig through the history of marriage and also birth control, particularly in the LCMS. Of the many noteworthy facts I discovered, I was fascinated to learn that “No fault divorce”, which grants divorce for any reason, only became legal in 1969! Until then it had been easier to murder your spouse than divorce them, even for Henry VIII. I’m not advocating a return to such restrictions, but there’s something significant about the fact that marriage had been held as a life-long commitment until so recently.Legalized birth control is also a very recent development, but the growing use of copper IUD as emergency contraception represents a whole new snare for Christians. Intra Uterine Devices are a form of early term abortion and are not an option for anyone who professes faith in Christ. The majority of birth control methods are abortifacient and we need to be aware of the dangers to us and to our babies.